House Elevation | Elevation Design | Contemporary and Modern Style

House Elevation | Elevation Design | Contemporary and Modern Style

House Elevation Design | Styles :

Current Trend: Contemporary House Elevation | Modern House Elevation Design

Today, the contemporary design style is vastly popular. This design style makes a bold statement with bold geometry and symmetric and asymmetrical features. Moreover, Contemporary design has the quality of being beautiful and practical. Important to realize, it is common that these two styles – Modern style and Contemporary Style are somewhat confusing to us because both of which are similar.




House Elevation | Elevation Design | Contemporary and Modern Style

Contemporary style has a quality of being changed constantly, whereas modern style design has established noticeable qualities. Also, the contemporary design style takes elements from various styles. So, it is fairly flexible. Usually, the noticeable exterior qualities of contemporary design offer a stunning look. To summarize, intelligent landscaping, large windows, sudden and notable angled roofs are typical instances of such qualities.

If you are a person that dislikes preferring to have just one theme, this style will be perfect for you. You can unite various parts and bring to pass a unique feel. Another key point, the idea of this style may fail if you do not execute it properly. So, the project needs a well-trained professional for the perfect execution.

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House Elevation | Elevation Design | Modern Style

Perhaps, seeing the title ‘Modern’ you may think that it is the latest trends and has advanced technology application. Completely, it is untrue. Its perfect balance with the ecosystem is the major quality of modern style design. Usually, Modern designs are simple and elegant in look. In fact, Modern design takes part in extensive planning even though it looks simple. Additionally, each and everything needs careful thought whether it is setting the light or selecting the furniture.

The very well known characteristic of modern design homes is the usage of natural light in an effective way. First, beautiful open areas and large windows let natural light pierce into the spaces. Second, another element that takes part in allowing natural light is Pergola. Identically, the furniture arrangement delivers a simple and clean look. The modern style of design homes brings a great sense of relief and comfort. Thus, in such a way, the design completely removes any clutter.

House Elevation| Front 3D Architectural elevation:

Moreover, Modern style design gives the main focus on you to keep you close to Nature. Commonly, we can set up the glass doors. This causes to be the natural light come into space and avoids the demand for external lighting. In this design style, it is common that we can set up stone or wooden paneled flooring. So, this gives us a natural earthy feeling.

Modern style house elevation designs are growing smarter day-to-day. This style house elevation design is perfect for you if you love having everything in order and neat placement in right place. There is an actual fact to remember of this design. Though it may seem to be simple, it demands ideas to plan in a clever and effective way. 

The BuilDTecH Architects are perfectly able to undertake the work that is assigned to them. Feel free to contact us when you need any additional information.

3D Elevation Front Architectural Exterior Elevation

3D Elevation Front Architectural Exterior Elevation

3D Elevation | Side & Front Architectural Elevation

The first thing to remember, Elevation or 3D elevation is a 3-dimensional drawing of the faces. Another key point, three-dimensional drawing especially looks onto a street or open face. After all, we create this piece of the drawing to give a vision to a user of what the building will look like after finished. In addition, it gives an idea to the construction team detailed descriptions of how to create and from which to create the building.

3D Elevation by BuilDTecH Architects

An elevation plan is a prospective protrusion drawing. The reason for drawing an elevation plan is to show the finished look of the assigned side of the building or house. Exterior 3d elevation consists of the four sides of construction and directions the building face. So, we can visualize the facing-side from the position the face of a building faces, whether east, west, north, or south, as the drawing indicates.

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3D Elevation elements:

Also, an elevation consists of any support beams which must be built and the sort of roofing for the construction or building as an addition to the exterior finish. Doors, as well as windows, and their detailed descriptions are drawn. Exterior elevations, furthermore, include parapet, handrails, glassworks, cladding, sun shades, ducts, portico, staircase, water tank, and more. Moreover, it contains different parts of materials in the elevation.

3D Elevations as illustrations

Newly home builders depend on exterior elevations to represent the homes they plan to build. There are flyers and brochures designed along with architectural ideas of what a building will look like from the outside. So, it will be eye-catching for the clients. These brochures and flyers feature a lot of various 3D elevations. Of these, a client chooses the design he likes. However, this is an inexpensive way of marketing newly built homes. The reason is that it attracts clients’ taste and imagination.

3D Elevation | Front 3D Architectural elevation:

Basically, a 3D front Architectural elevation design is a part of beautiful natural features. It highlights the scenic parts. In addition, we can see the entire set from four views without or with measurement. Mostly, the front 3d elevation designs show the calculations so that we can get a better and clear vision of the building. The front elevation allows us to see directly in a straight-on look of the building. Also, the front elevation is called ‘entry elevation.’ And we can see the features the front elevation show such as the front porch, windows and entry doors, and any things that project from the building or home.

Why the 3d elevation is important for a building:

An elevation shows the respect and admiration a person possesses, as personal prestige.
It shows the dweller’s taste.
It boosts up one’s self-confidence.

Styles of 3d elevation

Contemporary design.
Kerala design.
Italian design.
Roman design.
Chettinad design.
Modern design (the combination of contemporary and Kerala design)

3D Elevation / Front elevation Conclusion:

If you have a desire to know more about the elevations which match your needs, get in touch with BuilDTecH Architects. And if you need elevation done by 3D BIM for your new dream house, feel free to have a relationship with us and we are always available to help you and support you.